flexible bend

  • LED Flexible Strip - Ultra-Thin Dot-Free Series - Pure Flow Series 2216 LED - NS-415/414/413 & NS-418/417/416

    - Same as FCOB strip - 1. Dot-free linear and homogeneous lighting performance. 2. Very flexible top-bend style in ultra-thin appearance. 3. Multiple voltages, widths, LED densities and powers. 4. Infield cutting and assembly, simple mounted by 3M tape. 5. Quite short cutting unit with high density LED array. - Better than FCOB strip - 6. More reliable and mature solution assure 50,000h lifespan and 5 years warranty, using LM80&TM-21 certified and mini. 2216 LED. 7. More perfect color consistency, uniform lighting area for the entire run length. 8. Much wider lighting area, no dark angle emitting part on both edges. 9. More flexible customized of parameters such as color, CCT, CRI, brightness, power etc. 10. Better structural and mechanical property against quality issues during usage and processing. 11. Higher production efficiency and quality rate adopting mature silicone extrusion processing technology. with high transmittance in 85-95%. 12. Ultra-long production and packing length up to 50M[164ft.] per spool. 13. Higher waterproof rating in IP54&IP67 for indoor/outdoor application. 14. Higher price-performance ratio.

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  • LED Flexible Strip - Sign Backlight Series - Module-Bend RGBW 5050 60LED 24V GL-24-FE78

    1. Plus Series using top quality material, such as Epistar chip, Intermatix phosphor powder, ShinEtsu & Dow Corning glue, Heraeus 99.99%, pure golden wire, pure copper etc. 2. Sign Backlight Series in Module-Bend appearance, allows flexible angle bending for backlight apply such as advertising word, signboard light box or abnormity mount scene. 3. Decorating backlight and indirect lighting for showcase, shelf, cabinet, billboard, signage, hotel, garden, bridge, corridor, ceiling, stair, floor, cove, theatre, lift etc.

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  • LED Neon Light - Slim Series - Side-Bend NS-204

    - Slim series makes very easy and flexible application and installation for surface mount or flush mount in cabinet, shelf etc. - Uniform, dot-free, smooth and comfortable luminary up to 10 meters[32.8ft] run length. - 0n field cuttable and assembly to be any length, with endcap sealed by gluing process. - Dimmable available with PWM signal.

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    LED Neon Light - FleXCite Series - Dual-Bend NS-112

    - Flexible dual-bend supports both top-bend and side-bend, available to build many signages and arts in wave pattern. - Uniform, dot-free, smooth and comfortable luminary up to 10 meters [32.8ft] run length. - Multiple versions available in White, CCT, RGB, RGBW and DMX RGBW color for various of scenes. - Customized length with overall appearance in the same size by die-casting process. - IP67 for indoor or outdoor usage.

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