Pro-Link Series

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  • LED Linear Light - Pro-Link Series - SL-915

    LED Linear Light - Pro-Link Series - SL-915

    - Pro-Link design with a one-stop lighting solution, easy operation and maintenance.
    - On-site versatile customization with L / T / + shaped accessory.
    - Quick assembly with the free-cutting operation and welding-free connection.
    - Classic aluminum profile and flexible silicone cover for surface mounting (without trim) and flush mounting (with white trim).
    5. Homogeneous and dotless performance, optical seamless splicing up to 5M[16.4ft.].
    6. Patented and PROTECH design, no need to identify the positive and negative polarity.
    - Dimmable available with PWM signal.
    - 50,000h LED lifespan and 5-year warranty.
    - IP40 for indoor usage, CE and UL approval.

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