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    LED Linear Light - T-Grid Ceiling Light - SL-600

    LED Linear Light - T-Grid Ceiling Light - SL-600

    - Innovative ceiling light solution, fully and seamlessly integrate or retrofit in the ceiling. It can replace selected cross tee of the grid ceiling suspension systems where light is desired.
    - Fantastic design reliable to be various lengths and shapes, with random combination following the element of ceiling grid, through a parallel connection to the supply power.
    - Dot-free linear lighting performance, luxury style, compact structure, and nice appearance.
    - Clean looking benefiting from the hidden wiring method abovethe suspended gypsum ceiling.
    - Slim width which is suitable for international 15mm[9/16in.] and 24mm[15/16in.] T-grid, low profile in only 10mm [0.4in.] thick.
    - 120° wide angle in diffusion version for ambient lighting, 60° narrow angle with UGR19 glare-free in grating version for ambient or accent lighting.
    - Reducing the upper maintenance cost, with easy and fast installation and disassembly process, by magnet sheet adsorption to the metal T-grid.

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