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Flexible Wall Washer GL-24-LK49 White / LN16 White / 9030 CCT / 9031 DMX White

Ideal for grazing, wall washing and architecture facades, making contours and patterns more stereoscopic and vivid.

- High-efficacy design and short cutting performance are optional for white, CCT and DMX white.

- High transmittance of PC lens, with grazing angles in 20°, 30°, 45°, 60° and asymmetric 20°* 45°.

- Slim size in W23*H11mm[W0.9*H0.43in.], high-efficacy up to 120lm/w using high power 3030 LED.

- Uniform brightness and color consistency in 5M[16.4ft.] run length.

- On field cuttable and assembly, IP67 [wet location] for indoor and outdoor usage.

- Various accessories in adhesive tape, clip, bracket, aluminum channel and rotatable bracket for convenient application.

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