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LED Flexible Strip

Wall Washer Series Pixel Controllable

· GL-24-9131 in SPI White High-Efficacy, GL-24-9132 in DMX White High-Efficacy, GL-24-9031 in DMX White Short-cutting, GL-24-9143 in SPI RGBW, GL-24-9144 in DMX RGBW.

· Convenient on-site processing, and pixel controllable by SPI and DMX signal.

· High transmittance of PC lens, with grazing angles in 20°, 30°, 45°, 60° and asymmetric 20°*45° for white color, with grazing angles in 40° and asymmetric 40°*45° for RGBW color.

· High-efficacy up to 120lm/w, and Max. 5M[16.4ft.] run length in uniform brightness.

· Ideal for grazing, wall washing and architecture facades, making contours and patterns more stereoscopic and vivid.

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